Good listening is much more than being silent while the other person talks.

Do you think you are a good listener - while in reality you are really more of a debater?

HBR busts a few myths and offers some interesting research for leaders.

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What Great Listeners Actually Do

by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman

July 14, 2016

Summary.   What makes a good listener? Most people think is comes down to three components: not interrupting the speaker, following along with facial expressions, and being able to repeat back almost verbatim what the speaker has just said. According to research from Zenger and Folkman, however, we’re doing it all wrong. Instead of thinking of a good listener as a sponge —absorbing everything but providing little feedback — a skilled listener should be thought of as a trampoline who amplifies and supports a speaker’s thoughts by providing constructive feedback. Engaging in a two-way conversation is essential, according to data, and Zenger and Folkman define six levels of listening, all meant to help listeners develop this skill.

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