About Cindy Bell and Career DIRECTIONS


I'm  Cindy Bell

I am a change agent that works systemically in talent development for business alignment.

Today’s challenge of attracting, retaining and developing the right talent is key for business and success. Leaders have the ongoing challenge of motivating and managing performance within ongoing change, with diverse teams for increased business demand.  

I coach & train leaders to transform workplace behavior, motivate and support effectiveness. This focus aims to empower people in whatever they do - for the benefit of all – transforming and aligning individual ownership and purpose to drive leadership and culture to affect performance in roles and responsibilities.

I am an executive coach, and have partnered with Executive Teams, and worked on Business Strategy, Market Innovation, and Behavioral Analysis for most of my career. I was initially in Marketing and Advertising, and then transitioning my skills into Talent Management and Organization & Leadership Development.

Thousands of hours of experience place me in a position in my Coaching, Team Facilitation and Leader Coach Training Conversations to integrate this to the best advantage for Senior Managers and Executive Leaders and their Teams – across all industries, both locally and internationally.

The business resources gained place me in a position to integrate this understanding to the best advantage for my client’s people and business development needs. It enables me to Coach individuals’ and teams towards customer centricity and effective performance strategies.

I am also a published writer and contribute to various business and career development publications.

Vision & Mission

My mission is to inspire people to recognize their uniqueness and value and how they can translate this into career satisfaction.

I assist individuals and professionals to regain clarity, direction and passion for the work they do, know the opportunities they need to negotiate for, and the perspective and renewed confidence to personally take ownership to drive personal career advancement as they deliver on their business mandates.

Business interest and a fascination with what informs personal behavior, took me into the Marketing and Advertising industry.
I have combined and translated this experience as the founder of CAREER DIRECTIONS, which now supports Career & Talent Management Services.

Personal Statement

  • My inherent belief in the unique ability of individuals has always driven me to engage, inspire and facilitate people to discover themselves and to find an effective way to integrate their passions into their lives and careers.
  • The more I coach the more I realize how our authenticity, power and satisfaction comes from within ourselves. The more integrated we are within ourselves the better we can manage, lead, and contribute in all our roles and responsibilities.

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Past Clients & Industry Experience

Financial Services

SAICA, Lorge and Associates, Standard Bank, RMB, Wesbank, First Rand, ABSA Capital Young Women Development, PWC, Liberty Group, Ubank, National Treasury, Old Mutual


Venture Computer Company, Q-Kon, SAP, Microsoft, Dell


Vodacom, MTN

Services Sector

Impact Information, ACSA, MNET, Primedia, Kimberly Clarke, Legal Aid Board, SAMA


Avis, Midas


Wits, St Stithians College, Bryanston High, Bryandale Primary, Damelin, UCT


SA National Parks, The Sound Stage, Richard Loring Productions

Mining and Engineering

Anglo American, Platinum Health, ESKOM, Rand Refinery, ACTOM , Barlow Equipment


Makro, Builders Warehouse, Spar

Private Clients

Entrepreneurs, Coach Supervision & Career Planning
Consulting, NGO & Pro Bono –
Students, Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Unemployed, Coaching Enquiry, Hillbrow Entrepreneur Street Project, Business Engage – Mentorship Projects, Gender Mainstream & Women Development Projects

Coaching Qualifications

  • International Society of Neuro-semantics (ISNS) - ACMC Meta Coach™
  • ISNS/NLP Coach Trainers Training
  • Identity Compass® – Thinking Profiling Consultant
  • Meta Neuro-Semantics and NLP Practitioner
  • Accessing Personal Genius Coaching
  • Meta Masters - NS-NLP Master Practitioner
  • Group and Team Coaching
  • The Ultimate Self Actualization Workshop
  • Actualizing Leaders
  • Shaping Your Best Self Workshop Foundation
  • Mentorship Development Training
  • Business Constellation Workshop
  • Integral Vision Workshop
  • Assessment, Anxiety and Burnout Workshop
  • PNI – Psycho-Neuro Immunology Diagnostic
  • Thinking Environment™
  • Leadership Program - Blaire Singer (Rich Dad Advisors)
  • CPD - Monthly Coach Supervision and Coach Practice Sessions
  • Global Coaching Conversation – Rainbow Convention participant from SA
  • Axial Coaching Master Class Series – Mark Khan
  • Systemic Team Coaching - Prof Peter Hawkins – Henley Business School UK
  • Insights® Discovery – Licensed Practitioner
  • Coaching Culture Club Owner

Training Qualifications

  • Meta Master - NS-NLP Master Practitioner
  • International - ACMC Meta Coach™ - Coaching Leadership
  • International - NSTT – Neuro-Semantics Trainers Training
  • German - Identity Compass® – Thinking Profiling Consultant
  • International Assist Team - Group & Team Coaching – SA and Kenya
  • The Ultimate Self Actualization Workshop & Actualizing Leaders
  • Shaping Your Best Self & Integral Vision Workshop
  • Mentorship Development Training
  • Facilitation Skills – Outcome Visual Mapping™
  • Edward de Bono - Thinking Skills. Lateral Thinking, x6 Hats
  • UK Futurist - Dr Patrick Dixon on Future Trends & Strategy
  • Wits Business School - Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • The Enneagram for Leaders  - Know Yourself  & The Integrated Leader
  • Systemic Approaches in Axial Business Coaching Master Class Series - Global HR Executive – Marc Khan
  • UK - Thinking Environment™- Nancy Kline
  • Business Constellation Workshop
  • USA - Sales & Leadership Program - Blaire Singer (Rich Dad Advisors)
  • Global Leadership Summit – with Malcolm Gladwell & Richard Branson
  • UK - Assessment, Anxiety and Burnout Workshop – Dr John Charles Barlow
  • Global Coaching Conversation – Rainbow Convention participant from SA
  • World Association of Business Coaches –Advanced Business Coaching (Complexities in contracting, culture & integral methodology)
  • New Zealand Facilitation - NLP Meta Masters – Modelling and Mind Line
  • West Africa – Ghana – Career Empowerment

Foundational University Studies

  • UNISA – Communication
  • Wits Business School – Marketing, Business & Entrepreneurship and New Business Venture Innovation


It is a pleasure to recommend Cindy Bell as a Meta-Coach for Groups, Teams, and Executives because she has the skills and the heart to effectively facilitate the grooming of leadership potentials in people. Cindy has been on the leadership team of the Meta-Coach System several times and always brings a lot of passion and competency that adds significantly to everyone

L. Michael Hall, Ph.D

Executive Director at The International Meta-Coach System

Cindy has been coaching and mentoring me over a series of 7 sessions since November 2015. This coaching has formed part of an executive management development program provided by my employer. Choosing Cindy as coach was after an interview process with various coaches. My initial choice was motivated by the amenability and ease with which I found myself communicating with this "stranger". Over the past 7 sessions this has continued to be the case and has facilitated my ability to open up and converse with a peer on my desires, concerns and ideals.
In Cindy I have found a coach who can see through the clutter and focus on the issues that need to be attended to.

David de Jong

National Treasury – Executive Management CBDA – Supervisor Financial Co-Operative Institutions

Moving into more senior positions within any organization presents its own unique set of challenges and SAICA is no different. As a senior executive I found myself with many areas of development as I looked to move from being operational to more strategic and from managing to leading within the organization. Reading books and going on formal courses may help but without a doubt the biggest change in my behavior has been achieved through undertaking a coaching process. 

The trick to coaching is making sure one has selected the coach with the right “fit”.
I have worked with Cindy from October 2015 to March 2016 and have just completed my 6th and last coaching session with her. I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from my coaching sessions with Cindy who has been incredibly supportive on my transformational journey. She provides insightful guiding feedback as well as giving practical tools and techniques to use in day to day interactions. Her questions are thought provoking and assist in making crucial mind shifts.

I am sorry our time on this coaching journey has come to an end and would be happy to recommend Cindy as a coach to others who are embarking on a coaching journey.

Mandi Olivier

Senior Executive: Professional Development at the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

Your objective, clear guidance helped (our daughter) Natasha realize her real ambitions and probably saved her years of training in the wrong field.

Richard and Jeanette Loring

Private Client

Cindy's ability to listen and assimilate the information she receives makes her a powerful support force in a field she is passionately dedicated to.

Jenny Rush

Founder SJP Designs

I had the pleasure of being a student when Cindy was on the assist training team for the Meta Coach foundation (2007) and subsequently to be on the training team with her (2009).

What has always stood out to me is the tremendous empathy and warmth that Cindy demonstrates to her students whilst holding them accountable to learning and developing to achieve their goals. 

Cindy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the coaching industry and she shares this generously in a pragmatic and easy to understand manner. Cindy exudes professionalism and demonstrates the vision and ethics of Meta-Coaching in all that she does.

Taryn Sydow

Culture Shifter, making coaching real to business

I have worked with Cindy for about 2 years and have found her to be extremely competent and customer focused. Cindy is able to focus on the core areas that need development and offer strategies and solutions to meet those needs.


Training Specialist – Vodacom Supply Chain Management

Cindy facilitated a series of Personal Empowerment Workshops for the Frontline Team. The team found the development process very relevant & there were many “aha” moments – “we have learnt a lot and are going to apply and take charge of our workplace and do what is expected of us. Cindy was great and we would like her to facilitate more workshops in the future.


MNet Frontline Manager

I have known Cindy Bell of Directions for many years and she has added significant value during this period. Cindy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in talent management, facilitation and coaching. Her style is solutions focused, supportive, motivating and powerful in the process of facilitating change. I have no hesitation in recommending Cindy Bell.

Anne Renew

CEO Neuro-Semantics Africa