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Coaching Culture Clubs are community clubs that support people in personal and professional growth.

The club experience promises to be a journey of discovery and growth in both personal development and coaching skills. The club experience is about working together with people who are interested in being the best they can be and assisting each other along the way. By being accountable to each other in the Coaching Culture Club we create an environment that is supportive and safe to maximize the success of the individual and the group.

The club is facilitated by a trained leader who will guide the group through each meeting and the manuals. They will provide encouragement and mentorship to you on your Coaching Culture Club journey. Personal growth is all about discovering your own inner capacity in order for you to thrive at your highest potential.

Club Series - Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

In the present challenges across the world, it is Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Resilience that are key skills. Because of this, DIRECTIONS online has selected this theme as an entry point for the planned bimonthly meetings.
In this peer learning, a facilitator and members of the group help each other to develop awareness and understanding to be able to integrate into their lives. Peer learning is an effective international best practice that empowers development while also developing skills in listening, reflective learning, modeling, sharing advice, giving feedback and asking thoughtful questions.

For both personal and professional success. It is an essential skill in relationship building. Emotional Intelligence is our ability to be aware of, to control, and to express our emotions. It is also our ability to handle interpersonal relationships successfully, thoughtfully and with empathy.

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