Thought Leader Interviews

As humans, we instinctively learn in a social way. 

We learn best when we observe, are exposed to the behaviors of others and are driven to act.

The Role Model concept.
People learn from one another, via observation, imitation, and modeling. Role models in the corporate context are the star performers or experienced thought leaders. The more learners collaborate with these role models, the more they will imitate and model their good behaviors:

For both personal and professional success. It is an essential skill in relationship building. Emotional Intelligence is our ability to be aware of, to control, and to express our emotions. It is also our ability to handle interpersonal relationships successfully, thoughtfully and with empathy.

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DIRECTIONS’s enquiry to model excellence in Women Leaders was published in a series of articles. These interviews posed the question - “what informed your success - rather than what was your success?”

This perspective allows for a construct to be considered, modelled and replicated. To understand the core essence and ingredient that made the difference for these role models, is a powerful recipe.


A future series is being planned to continue this line of questioning where people have the opportunity of observing, listening and assimilating learnings to gain understanding and integrate for their own development and personal success.