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Cindy Bell the founder and owner of DIRECTIONS, a Performance Consultant, and a team of associates, help you work towards your personal transformation, and reaching new heights...

Cindy Bell, has had varied experience in Marketing, Training, Recruitment and Skills Development. Cindy has a passion for celebrating an individual's uniqueness and inspiring this into a satisfying direction.  Experience and passion culminate into an interesting collaboration of outlooks for Cindy's career coaching and workshops.
Cindy's personal experience ranges from many leadership roles while studying and on the sports field, through to teaching, communication and marketing studies, while gaining experience in the corporate world. The business resources gained, place Cindy in a position to integrate this understanding to the best advantage for our client's people and business performance development needs. When starting DIRECTIONS, the focus was on providing Personal Recruitment Placements for individuals and companies. It quickly became evident that individuals lacked the career skills to successfully drive their own careers in this dynamic world of change and opportunity. 

Cindy Bell has designed and implemented foundation modules to address the various key stages of career planning.

Future DIRECTIONS... The emphasis now is to empower people to create their own Personal Career and Performance Plan. The many coaching techniques used in both the individual and group sessions lead towards empowering individuals for sustained performance and effectively duplicating successful strategies into a success mindset and increased personal performance. Cindy Bell is a Neuro-Semantics and NLP Practitioner, and recognized by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. As quoted by the co-founder of ISNS Dr Michael Hall, "This accreditation provides a solid coaching framework to benchmark intangible skills and qualities and facilitate the transformation in people, thereby unleashing their fullest potential." Cindy continues her studies in international best practices and effective META Coaching techniques to empower individuals to take ownership for life choices - to live on purpose.

These lay the foundation and provide the guiding principles in the DIRECTIONS services and career coaching.

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