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Profile of Directions

In the beginning...
DIRECTIONS was established in 1991 with the intension of specialising in staff search and recruitment assignments and associated marketing and research projects.

The business has developed steadily over the past years and through observing market trends and needs, has evolved into a company that has a firm commitment to
empower people in whatever they do, for the benefit of all.

Ownership of roles and responsibilities comes from the individual, and it is therefore through each and every member being empowered to take ownership that the greater whole is achieved - again, for the benefit of all.

How do we do this..?
Drawing from past corporate, marketing and performance development experience, we aim to integrate this understanding in assisting you our client in your unique and specific culture.  We therefore tailor solutions to match your individual and company needs - for the benefit of all.

A facilitated process...

 - Outcomes, goals and benchmarks are clearly defined

 - Plans and strategies are revised and agreed

 - A combination of introductory lectures, group workshops and individual
    coaching proves to support an effective behavioural change process

 - A partnering philosophy is developed to work towards your goals and what
    you deserve
as an individual and a company

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