Grow Yourself

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” 

- Carl Yung 

Leadership Coaching

Leaders have many different styles of leading their teams.

Finding ways to enrich their inherent authenticity is key. What sits in this challenge and opportunity is addressed in our Leadership Coaching. The benefits are bringing new awareness into being by exploring new thinking and perspectives to the complexity of business, people, impactful communication and aligned focus.

Career Coaching

A career is a value exchange. An exchange for remuneration of your value to what is valued in an environment.

Our Career Coaching offers you an opportunity to gain clarity on what you most value and who would value that. It involves a personal check in on your present realities, creating a snapshot of where you want to head, revisiting priorities, and focusing towards the best next steps to reach that direction. Knowing what you are negotiating for is a powerful position.

Transition Coaching

We might know that change is an ongoing and inevitable process - but how do we navigate it.

Transition Coaching can support your change journey in various ways - to allow you to remember, reconnect, recalibrate, redesign and revise - for a meaningful, purposeful and satisfying way of being in the various contexts of your life.

Mentor the Coach

As a pioneer in the coaching space...

a founding member of COMENSA, and an experienced project lead and contributor for various coaching projects, we are well poised to support. We are being called on with increasing demand to use our coaching expertise to empower others with a more skillful coaching conversation - for coaches, leaders, and heads of businesses that are driving a coaching culture in their organisations.

Coaching is not only a development offering it is also a leadership skill.

These leadership skills are becoming more and more valued as an effective way of communication and facilitation. For anyone who is a leader - of a business, a team, a community, an organisation - our Mentor Coaching imparts coaching skills to you to enable new approaches to how you empower, mentor and engage with the people around you and that you are responsible for and to.

Expat Coaching

Cross border movement has many parts to it.
Logistics is maybe the easier part ... 

Adjusting to new environments, reinventing yourself and networking your way into a new community and culture while creating a new home and supporting family can have its challenges. New identities are sometimes called for in this adjustment, and finding new purpose that remains meaningful and uplifting can take some reflection. Our Expat Coaching holds a space for all that is necessary to allow the new and useful to emerge - so you are energized and empowered within yourself, for yourself have the capacity to show up for your loved ones completely.